Refund Policy

Valid Cause for refund:

  1. Bike malfunction or failure as fault by On Your Bike agreed upon customer calling to report
  2. Issue could not be fixed roadside after a call out
  3. Injury due to fault of On Your Bike

Issue/problem/bike failure must be called in immediately upon realising.  No refund will be given upon return if was not called in and reported at the time of the incident/upon immediately realising the situation and instead only reported upon return after the hire. The phone number for the shop is on all the bikes.

Continuing with the hire anyway will result in no refund/deposit returned if On Your Bike advised to return to base, or could not assist road side for the call out.

Early hire return (returning before agreed time upon beginning the hire) will not be issued any partial refund without valid cause agreed by On Your Bike. See valid cause reasons above.

Refunds will be given for the bike/kayak with the issue, not the whole party without valid cause agreed by On Your Bike and understanding it was a fault on our end.

No refund will be given if the injury is due to cyclists choice of clothing. i.e. inappropriate footwear, baggy clothing or choosing to not wear a helmet.

Refunds for deposits will be given if the equipment returns in the same condition it left in and returned within the agreed hire time. If the hired equipment is damaged or lost due to fault of the customer, or late return from agreed hire time, the deposit will be kept by On Your Bike.

The customer agrees with the refund policy by continuing/beginning their hire after reading the refund policy.