Fatyak sit on Single Kayaks
Bluewave Convoy sit on Double Kayaks

Getting into kayaking was never easier than with a Fatyak or Bluewave kayak. 

The Fatyak kayak (single person) is easy to paddle, due to a combination of hull tracking channels and a built-in skeg so they're great for kids and anyone new to kayaking.

Fatyaks are the ultimate, family-friendly kayak, in fact they're ideal for users of any age or ability, as long as the participant can swim!  No fuss, no tears...!

Plus the Fatyak's moulded seat area makes it comfy to sit in; giving you plenty of legroom.

Our new 2-person Sit On Bluewave Convoy Rainbow kayaks come with luxury padded seats and is a fantastic way to get out on the water.  Comfortably sits 1-2 paddlers with an additional middle seat ideal for taking an extra small person or even a dog on your adventure!

At On Your Bike! your hire also includes fully certified Life Jackets. Anyone can hire our Kayaks with our T&Cs, these will be provided to you to read over before rental. The Kayaks are a fantastic way to get up close to the sea life and it makes it possible to visit the little islands in the bay.

Customer Steven said "I have never Kayaked before until visiting Millport. The closest i got was a canoe at Scouts many years ago. The Kayaks provided to us were well maintained and very easy to use. It also gave us the opportunity to see Millport in a completely different way. We visited the Eileans (2 Islands in the bay at Newton Shore) and it was amazing. If you sat quietly you could see the seals going about their day and was an ideal opportunity to break the camera out. I loved every minute of it and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Millport."


Our single person Fatyak

Cost: £12 per hour

(50KG / 14st Max) 


Our two person kayak

Cost: £20 per hour

 Out and About!

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Photo:  On Your Bike Double  Kayak off West Bay, Millport.