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Electric Bike


    Ever wanted to cycle around, enjoying the breeze and the scenery without having to tire yourself out by pedaling? Now you can with our electric bikes. We          have three types of electric bikes here, pedal assist and full power. 


The automatic electric bikes are called 'Tigers'. This works when you mount the bike and set off pedalling for 2 or 3 rotations before the electricity will be active so that you can pull the throttle and stop pedaling. The Tigers are the lighter of the 3 as they don't need so big a motor to get you going, you do that bit!!  



The other type we have is the I-Zip,  this version you do not have to pedal to start, simply pull the throttle and go.The I-Zip is slightly heavier than the tiger as more power is needed to lift the weight of the bike and the rider to a cruising speed. 

The other advantage of this bike is that it has gears if you just wanted to pedal.


Another variation of our electric bike is the "Raleigh". This bike is pedal assisted, it doubles the amount of effort that you put in, making you feel like you have bionic legs!

The Raleigh can take you up to an amazing 30kph!