Electric Bikes Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge that the use of e-bikes can be dangerous and acknowledge the risks involved in their use and I fully indemnify On Your Bike against claims of injury to myself or any third party unless it can be proven On Your Bike did not fulfill reasonable maintenance procedures for the equipment being used.

Cyclists must be over 16.

Cyclists must abide by the rules of the road (cycle on the road, not on the pavement, on the same side as the cars, follow one way street protocols)

E-Bikes must not be taken off road (or on to the beach)

Any damage or loss through fault of the cyclist is paid for and deposit is kept by On Your Bike.

Max weight limit 115kg/18 stone.

Cyclists must wear sensible shoes (flip flops are not advised)

Helmets are not mandatory by law but are encouraged to be worn and are free of charge to hire.

On Your Bike cannot be held liable for any injuries sustained by anyone in the group as a consequence of not wearing a safety helmet.

I confirm that everyone in my group renting e-bikes is a competent cyclist and that the e-bikes will not be used by anyone other than those people in our party and On Your Bike know who will be riding the bikes.

I can confirm that I and no one in my group is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I can confirm that I and no one in my group have any medical conditions which would prevent me from cycling safely.

I understand that we need to tell you before leaving the store if we are not happy with any of our rented equipment and that if we encounter a problem whilst on a ride we will call you from a mobile phone to report the fault.

I can confirm that my group and I riding the e-bikes have been given full demonstration at time of hire, instructions for use and have answered any questions I have to my full understanding.

I accept that in the event that any member of our group is unable to use the e-bike during the hire period due to mechanical failure, a refund will only be issued on the bike affected and only if On Your Bike could not restore our journey quickly or allow us extra time to complete the journey or help bring us back to base.

I understand that we need to bring the e-bikes back at the specified time and that if we return any e-bikes hired by our group late for any reason this could affect other bookings and agree that we will be charged for the extra time for every e-bike returned late.